Not just another star

Yes!!!! We have a new collaborator! It is hakepon, and is going to write about his beloved Mr. Stevie Wonder! Yeah! Enjoy!!! Today I have been honored by the author of this blog with the privilege to celebrate with you the anniversary of a living legend.  67 years ago, a 7 weeks premature baby named […]

music apartheid

Since Stevie Wonder dedicated the Oscar he had won (I just called to say I love you; Best original song: ‘The woman in red’) the night before at the Academy Awards to Nelson Mandela, on March 26 1985 all the radio stations in South Africa banned all records by S.Wonder.  Our world and history are […]

Chicken little

Dear parents, now that your children end-of-year performances are close, watch in case you have at home a young talent like this:   Stevie Wonder was born Steveland Hardaway Judkins in Saginaw, MI, on May 13, 1950 (he later altered his name to Steveland Morris when his mother married). A premature infant, he was put […]