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We have a new collaborator! It is hakepon, and is going to write about his beloved Mr. Stevie Wonder! Yeah! Enjoy!!!

Today I have been honored by the author of this blog with the privilege to celebrate with you the anniversary of a living legend. 

67 years ago, a 7 weeks premature baby named Steveland Hardaway Judkins was born in Saginaw, Michigan. An eye disease aggravated by the oxygen pumped into his incubator caused his retinas to detach, leaving the tiny baby permanently blind. But the muses felt emoted  by his tragic fate and blessed the young boy with an amazing talent for melody and poetry. 

As many other singers at the time, the young Steveland let his talent flow every Sunday at the church’s choir. Aged eleven, and already playing several instruments, the chorus looked too small for his genius and his family decided to bring  him into the America’s Got Talent of his time: Motown’s auctions. The legend says (and we believe it) that after he finished singing and playing his harmonica, Motown founder Berry Gordy was speechless! And this guy, who had discovered the Jackson’s 5, supremes and many others, was not easy to impress!

He immediately offer him a contract under the artistic name of Little Stevie Wonder,  and the rest is history! Number 6 in the greatest artist ever billboard, three records between the best of all times, key player in the fight for the social rights of afroamerican people, source of inspiration for all those who face difficulties in their everyday life… If you would like to know him a little bit better , from one song a day we can only recommend to listen the whole  «Songs in the key of life» album all at once and you will understand why everybody thinks this guy got closer to the muses than most of mortals ever do! 

Happy birthday Steveland! May we celebrate your birthday together many more times!

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