The list!

Is already known that Johny Cash composed a list with 100 essentials country songs that he thought her daughter must known when she was about 18 and in an effort to expand her knowledge of country music.

At some point, I have decided to create a playlist trying to include most of the songs shared in this blog; of course that I do not pretend to reach such an objective as Cash did, but it is a way to facilitate the access to the songs (issue that has been claimed by many of you during the last weeks!!).

I am sorry, but this playlist is still Under construction (see below), but here is The List that will be growing little by little (I hope!). Enjoy!

On the hand, I am afraid that not all the songs that I have shared, are available in the platfom that I select to create the playlist. I will try to make a list of «excluded» songs, and the posts that have already been included.

Posts included:

11th May 2016 to 23rd August 2016

except the next songs:

– (03/06/2016) Mejores días (by Jean Paul);

-(03/06/2016) FIN (by Jean Paul)

-(06/06/2016) Meat free Monday (by Paul McCartney)

-(24/07/2016) Heroes (by Arcade Fire; live tribute to David Bowie)

-(01/08/2016) Sitting on the dock of the Bay (by Pearl Jam, Live)

-(15/08/2016) Gertrude Campbell (by Salad)

-(17/08/2016) Getrunken express (by Los Coronas)



14th May 2017 onwards…


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