Today is the day

Eels has released a new single presenting his coming new album (The Deconstruction) that will be available next 6th April. This new song is fantastic (as usual): a mixture of colours and tonalities moving among happiness and a romantic melancholy. Completely well balanced. Enjoy! Anuncios


Two years ago that was happening: Mavis Staples was releasing her album ‘Livin’ on a high note’, very well accompanied, and fantastic from the first song until the last one (using lyrics by Martin Luther King). Check it! Enjoy! P.s: the title from this post is based on this review. Thanks!

Hey Dude! (II)

Most song from ‘The Big Lebowski’s soundtrack’ are really matched up with specific characters of the film. A great example: this cover by The Gipsy Kings deeply connected to the odd bowler Jesús Quintana. Enjoy!

Hey Dude!

Twenty years from the release of the film ‘The Big Lebowski’; a movie that has become a cult classic, that got a great soundtrack that includes different genres of music from different times. Nice selection! Enjoy!

No, Amparo!

Today in 2010 Amparo Sánchez released her first album (‘Tucson-Habana’) under her own name, not Amparanoia any more. In this record we can find great collaborators as Calexico: