White Covers (V)

A punk version of one of the songs of the album we are tributing on its 50th anniversary! Enjoy! Here is the original track: And an extra version of the same song (this cover band moves Beatles songs to Metallica style) Anuncios

White Covers (IV)

Our tribute to the 8th record by The Beatles (known as the ‘White album’) continues by sharing great covers of its songs; it is turning 50 years old! Enjoy today’s cover! And the original theme:

White Covers (III)

Today we are going to add another tribute to the celebration of Beatles’ ‘White album’ 50th anniversary. We are going to play a song by a spanish band that is celebrating the 20th birthday of its probably most famous album (‘It’s beautiful, It’s love’ – Sexy Sadie), by playing it completely this evening in a […]

White Covers (II)

Today a heartbreaking live cover of ‘Yer Blues’ by Elliot Smith. When it was recorded he was deep in the throes of addiction to heroin and other drugs, which Lennon and Ono used during the ‘White album’ sessions. Enjoy! And here the original song, a critique to British blues that bloomed by the end of […]

White covers

Next Friday 22nd November, the ninth album by The Beatles (mostly known as ‘The White album’) is turning 50 years old. The Beatles is probably one of the bands more covered, however the versions from this double record are perphaps less popular than others. In order to tribute this great anniversary (that has been also […]

Two virgins

Today 50 years ago, it was released the first avant-garde record by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (‘Unfinished music no.1: Two virgins’) probably better known due its controversial cover where both artists were naked. The album was recorded during a night and included conversations, sounds, noises, loops… but almost no songs. Here is a bonus […]