Los días raros (V): el tiempo

En estos ya 14 días de aislamiento, en muchos momentos he pensado sobre aquello que ahora tenemos pero que al mismo tiempo no queremos tener en exceso: el tiempo. Es cierto que mirando a futuro parece que nos viene un exceso del mismo que puede ser difícil de gestionar, primero por esa posible abundancia, pero […]

Anuncio publicitario

Birthdays: 50 (IX)

Tomorrow we will close this quick glimpse of the records released 50 years ago. Let’s open ‘the mics’ to decide which album should be the focus of tomorrow’s post. Please send your choice; here you have a few examples. In the mean time enjoy! From the 1969 Pink Floyd’s album ‘Ummagumma’


Let’s tribute Richard Wright, founder of Pink Floyd, who was born 75 years ago. Unfortunately he left us in 2008. He was responsible of their peculiar sound. You can check his way of playing here! Enjoy!!

Chameleon week

These first days after Christmas are starting to be for me those days dedicated to the great David Bowie (born today in 1947; dead on 10 Jan. 2016; the release of his last album a few days before his death…). So why not dedicate a few days, or even a week every year to this […]

Time,time, time

Today, a day with 25 hours, the word ‘time’ is on everybody’s mouths; has no sense for some of them; great impacts for anothers; or doesn’t matter at all for others. But time has changed. Here is a great version of a great song about Time! The dub side of the moon! Enjoy!

Wish you were here

This is the song selected for today, since the album where it is included was released today in 1975. This song and others from the homonymous album are dedicated to Syd Barrett who abandoned the band in 1968. Enjoy! By coincidence, I read today that 30 years ago Morrissey announced that he was going to […]

Protest song

Many issues that are conmemorated today: The Beatles played live in the UK for the last time; Elvis Presley and Priscilla got married, etc. However I have decided to have a look at a probably less known ephemeris: in 1980 South African goverment banned Pink Floyd’s single (as well as the album ‘The Wall’) ‘Another […]

Not bother Syd (II)

To continue with our yesterday’s post: After the last concert of Pynk Floyd with Syd Barret, and the first show where Barret was not pick up, a period of really embarrasing situations arrived, since Barret and Wright shared an apartment at that time.  At first it was proposed that Barret stay home concentrate on writing songs […]

Not bother Syd

Syd Barret played his last ever concert with Pink Floyd on January 20 1968. He was the main songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of this band pioneer of psychedelic rock from their formation till the end of 1967. David Gilmour was brought to the band to augment Barret on guitar. On Jan. 26 , 1968, […]