This morning we were talking at home; we were astonished because of all the recent news that show a world completely crooked and depraved; even the supposedly more saintly and honest people abuse more vulnerable people. That makes me feel furious! Today I will borrow a song from ‘el poeta eléctrico’ to put into words […]

Flowers and Tombs

Today, all saint’s day, due to the old tradition of visiting cemetery and bring some flowers to relative’s tombs, it is a nice day to remember the first verses of the poems written by Jorge Manrique (s. XV), and since the first verse is the title of the new album of Lapido (El alma dormida), we’ve got a […]

Ciudadano A (and B)

I am afraid I am astonished with the grotesque political situation in my country. Today I discovered an interesting video that include a live performance of Ivan Ferreiro that he introduces like a song about politics, and our responsability when we vote for one ir another politician. I have found appropriate to share both, the […]

El alma dormida

It is a pleasure to share today the first single of the new record (the eighth one, released last friday) by the master of masters: Lapido. The record is a new sign of his poetry, and a great exponent of DIY (Do It Yourself): he is the owner of the label (Pentatonia Records), he has […]

Angels and Demons

Spain is a country with an old Catholic tradition; in fact, still today there are some areas where someone’s saint’s day receive more attention and celebration than his/her birthday. Today is one of some of the ‘famous’, or well-known saint’s day since it is dedicated to the three archangels (out of seven) accepted by Catholicism. […]