Angels and Demons

Spain is a country with an old Catholic tradition; in fact, still today there are some areas where someone’s saint’s day receive more attention and celebration than his/her birthday. Today is one of some of the ‘famous’, or well-known saint’s day since it is dedicated to the three archangels (out of seven) accepted by Catholicism. I don’t know why, but when I think in the word ‘archangel’ an image of war between good and evil came to my mind; that is a kind of simplification of the world today where everything must be right or wrong, black or white… 

This long introduction lead to today’s song, that gives me the excuse to share a song by ‘my respected’ Lapido (so acclaimed and admired that after more than 500 posts during the last 15-16 months I have shared some songs by this Master (of course I have!), but I have not been able to write a complete post about him: I don’t feel I can write about his poetry, messages, etc. Maybe someone in the audience is able to, or feel authorised to do it. Please let me know!)


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