Birthdays: 50 (IV)

Joe Cocker released his debut album in 1969. It included the well known cover of the Beatles theme ‘With a little help of my friends’ that was also the tittle of the record. Here is the theme that opened the album. Enjoy!!

Más vale tarde que nunca….

I am afraid that today I will use my mother language. I should have said thank you to many people a couple of months ago: I turned 40 and I received a great collaborative present. Even that, I didn’t. why? Don’t know: I didn’t find the proper words; neither a nice way to do it…. […]

Anuncio publicitario

‘Joe’ Tarque

I was browsed this evening, listening to some new stuff, and I have found this cover that I cannot avoid to share it. Simply brilliant! Remember that we are celebrating 50 years from ‘Sgt. Peppers…. Band’ Enjoy!