Down to the valley

I told several times that I am really far from the state of the art of new rock releases, away from the musical novelties, but I still love music, and if I discover a song that I like, even if it was released a few (or many) years ago, I will try to share it; […]

Personal and free cover

Today, this song is everywhere. Los Planetas (the spanish band from the very beautiful city of Granada) are releasing their new song, the second single of their upcoming new album, that is a personal cover of the song ‘Ready pa morir’ by Yung Beef (from Granada too). I am happy to share the new release […]

Anuncio publicitario

Carnaby Street

Enjoy this great song by this band whose members were all shop assistants at this famous comercial street during the sixties: it was frequented by mods fans and bands like the Small Faces, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. Designers like Mary Quant and Lord John moved their shops and studios to this street where […]

Warhola, the pop daddy

Today in 1987, 30 years ago, Andy Warhol was dead. I think that it is not necessary to talk about this great artist, his influence on pop art, music, etc. It should well known by everybody! I have included today a song dedicated by David Bowie to Andy Warhol, but a live version that is […]

Generation X icon

50 years ago it was born Kurt Cobain, you know the singer, songwriter and guitarist who had several hits joined to Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic from 1991 to 1994 when after several attemps and after struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression, he committed suicide in 1994 (April 5th) becoming one of the most […]

Losing my religion

Today, 26 years ago it was released the first single from the album ‘Out of time’ (R.E.M., 1991). It was built on a mandolin riff: Peter Buck had just bought the instrument and was trying to learn how to play it; some of the recordings of these attemps of how to play a new instrument […]