Down to the valley

I told several times that I am really far from the state of the art of new rock releases, away from the musical novelties, but I still love music, and if I discover a song that I like, even if it was released a few (or many) years ago, I will try to share it; this is one of main motives for this site. This weekend I ‘discovered’ that I really liked because of the positive feelings that it awakened in me.

I tried to read about this song, and I discovered that it is played by a great ‘squad’ of artists: Matthew Caws (from Nada Surf), Catherine Russell (David Bowie band member from 2002 to 2004, after that several excellently produced records), Dawn Landes (that I heard for the first time as a supporting artist in a concert of Elvis Perkins; by the way, that was the night when I decided to include in my ‘black’ list the name of a ‘very famous’ singer from my hometown) and Nathaniel Rateliff (and the Night Sweats). Great song and great band, isn’t it? I have also discovered that it is a cover from a Harry Nilsson song. Enjoy!

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