27 club

Today,in 1969 and 1971, two new members joined the 27-club: both, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) and Jim Morrison (The Doors), respectively, were dead prematurely. Here are a couple of songs with the participation of the multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones: And a classic hit by The Doors Enjoy!

Anuncio publicitario


Today, in 1934, it was born Robert Moog. He was the creator of Moog synthesizers. The first was built in 1963. Let’s enjoy some examples of songs using these innovative instruments! And so on…


I am thinking while listening to this song… In a couple of days this blog will turn two years old. Should I stay or should I go? That is the question! Enjoy!

The cavern or The cave

I should be writing about the first gig of The Beatles at The Cavern (the pub at Liverpool): today in 1961; but I move from the Cavern to another Cave (written by Plato), and from Plato to Plato-on (the film about Vietnam war). Sorry! Let’s close these Doors! Enjoy!

Morrison’s style

Today a song covered by many, many artists and bands: José Feliciano, Astrud Gilberto, Nancy Sinatra, Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity, Cibo Matto, Divididos, Massive Attack, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, etc, etc. And even Marlene Dietrich and Mae West. Enjoy!! And here a story about the song extracted from http://www.thisdayinmusic.com. Morrison’s style! 1967, […]


On 20 October 1854 Arthur Rimbaud was born. This french poet is known for his influence in modern literature and arts. Here is a song by The Doors that is a veiled reference to one of Jim Morrison’s most deepest influences. Enjoy!