Sisters are back

Today I would like to share some songs that I’ve been listening to in order to isolate myself from the noise and fuss around, and to try to get concentrated for doing some work; maybe I’m not prepare for the modern ways of working, or maybe Blur was right when they entitled their second album: […]

The year Cran Broke (XII)

Unfortunately we can not include all the songs released in 1993 we would like, so we are leaving some great hits like this one by ‘the modfather’, or this cover of a Beach Boys’ theme by Frank Black, or this fabulous song by the band formed by Frank Black old Pixies’ colleague: The Breeders. To […]

A ‘red tenant’

Yesterday, we flew through the universe ‘Kim Deal’ (it was her birthday); this issue has brought to my head a great song by the band she formed with her twin sister (The  Breeders) and covered by a group from Bilbao that until now had not appeared by this blog.  Enjoy! And here is the original […]