Music against war(s)

On March 25 2003, REM made available as free download (as other artists have also made during the previous days/weeks with their own songs: Zack de la Rocha, or L. Kravitz with iraqui, palestianian and lebanese musicians) the following song written as a protest of the American government’s actions in the Iraq War. It is […]

Anuncio publicitario

Losing my religion

Today, 26 years ago it was released the first single from the album ‘Out of time’ (R.E.M., 1991). It was built on a mandolin riff: Peter Buck had just bought the instrument and was trying to learn how to play it; some of the recordings of these attemps of how to play a new instrument […]

A bit of history of Athens

On this day in 1981 the band from Athens (Georgia, not Greece, not Alabama, not Illinois, etc etc.) R.E.M., made their first ever-recording sessions. Tracks included ‘Gardening at night’, ‘(Don’t go back to) Rockville’ and ‘Radio Free Europe’. After this issue, the story is well known. Enjoy!