Many birthdays today, therefore many songs too. Enjoy! Enjoy! And enjoy! – Gilberto Gil (1942) – Georgie Fame (1943) – Mick Iones (1953; The Clash, etc.) – Chris Isaak (1956) – José Ignacio Lapido (1962; 091 and Lapido) – Colin Greenwood (1969; Radiohead) – etc. Happy birthday to everybody! Anuncios

Creep-ers (and V)

Let´s finish this week dedicated to the song ‘Creep’ posting a version by their ‘fathers’: Radiohead. It is pretty close to their origins: 1992.  Enjoy!! Don’t forget that all of you ‘…are so fucking special’!

Creep-ers (III)

It seems that the ‘big number’ of followers of this blog has liked more the covers of this week song (Creep) played on classic style; so here is another example by the innovative and fantastic crooner Richard Cheese. Enjoy!

Creep-ers (II)

Today we are moving from one of the first covers of our song of the week (Creep, Radiohead, 1992) to one of the latest versions, but at the same time we have to travel to the first decades of the twentieth century. It is played by a great ‘band’ (they are a kind of rotative […]


Yesterday we included a couple of songs by Scala. One of them was included in a couple of series (so it could be part of our last section), but it was not the favourite of our proposer; she prefers the version that Scala makes of ‘Creep’, original released by ‘Radiohead’ in 1992.  Since yesterday we […]

Serial proposer (VII)

Today, a proposal that arrived directly from Dublin! A song covering a classic theme by the most famous Irish band. The song appeared in a couple of series: ‘Downtown Abbey’ and ‘Rebellion‘.  Enjoy! The proposer prefers another song by the same group, but in this case it was included in a film (‘The social network’), […]