Birthdays: 50 (and X)

Thank you for ‘the huge’ number of opinions and suggestions I have received in response to my request. Let’s finish this quick glimpse of the ‘crop’ of great records of 1969 with a theme from one of the first rock operas. Enjoy!! Tomorrow we will start a quick trip through 1979 rock albums.

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Birthdays: 50 (IX)

Tomorrow we will close this quick glimpse of the records released 50 years ago. Let’s open ‘the mics’ to decide which album should be the focus of tomorrow’s post. Please send your choice; here you have a few examples. In the mean time enjoy! From the 1969 Pink Floyd’s album ‘Ummagumma’

Birthdays: 50 (VII)

You know that two years later than his birthday, three years ago David Bowie died. 50 years ago he released ‘Space Oddity’. Here is song with the same name; I don’t think we need to introduce this song. Enjoy!

Birthdays: 50 (V)

Today is so easy to choose the record to focus on during the glimpse of albums released in 1969. Today in 1935 and 1947 were born Elvis Presley and David Bowie. However (unfortunately) in a couple of days, the white duke will be the focus of another ephemeris, let’s enjoy the two albums released by […]

Birthdays: 50 (IV)

Joe Cocker released his debut album in 1969. It included the well known cover of the Beatles theme ‘With a little help of my friends’ that was also the tittle of the record. Here is the theme that opened the album. Enjoy!!

Birthdays: 50 (III)

We are back again; let’s continue with the glimpse of records that are turning 50,40,30… during 2019. 1969 was really a year full of great rock releases. For Led Zeppelin it was a really prolific year: their first and second album (Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II) were released in 1969 and both are considered […]

Birthdays: 50 (II)

During 2018 the released of the ‘White album’ of The Beatles has been celebrated and tributed everywhere because of its 50th anniversary. The Beatles during 1969 released two albums: some tributes have already started to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Abbey Road’, leaving second the ‘Yellow submarine’. Though this album was considered a kind of […]

Birhdays: 50

The end of the year and the first days of the new year are dates in which all kind of lists prosper everywhere: reviews, rankings, anniversaries, etc. We are not going to be different than the rest: let’s make a glimpse of those records that are turning 50, 40, 30 years old, and so on. […]