The year Cran broke (VIII)

Along with Suede, Blur released an album in 1993 (Modern life is rubbish) that made Britpop get off the ground. After this album with a psychedelic touch would come ‘Parklife’ (1994) and ‘The great escape’ (1995) making Blur emerged as one of the leading pop acts. Though this album full of influences from past british […]

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The year Cran Broke (VII)

After a brief review of some american ‘alternative’ rock bands to tribute the 25th anniversary of R statistical environment, since all of them released a studio album that year, in 1993, today and the next days we are going to check what was going on in the UK: a few records from that year and […]

The year Cran Broke (VI)

Let’s stay a bit more at Nirvana’s hometown enjoying a couple of songs that were also released 25 years ago. As you will see, the three bands belong to very different styles, all of them so great! Enjoy!

The Year Cran Broke (V)

Yesterday’s mention to ‘The Year Punk Broke’ documentary has brought me directly to the next song from ‘Where you been’, the fifth official studio album by Dinosaur Jr that was also released in 1993, so our tribute to R environment 25th anniversary goes on, and still in the US (we will jump soon to the […]

The year Cran Broke (IV)

As we announced yesterday, today we will continue our tribute to R environment on its 25th anniversary by playing a song from the band that many people recognize as the one that popularized ‘grunge’, and revived the interest on punk and post- punk music, or broadly speaking on alternative music. They help shining the spotlight […]

The year Cran Broke (III)

Let’s get a bit deeper into the american alternative music landscape of 1993 during our celebration of the 25th anniversary of R statistical environment. Maybe tomorrow will reach a kind of center of this landscape that help to shine the spotlight on many contemporary bands. Enjoy!! P.S: the title is a kind of gesture of […]

The year Cran Broke

The summery vacations are nearly gone, in fact yesterday we shared the last song from the soundtrack we had selected for this holidays’ series. I hope you have enjoyed (or you are still enjoying) your vacations. Today we are going to start a new series tributing my old friend that brings some happiness, but also […]

Where were you in…?(and XX)

…and in such way, day after day, song after song, American Graffiti soundtrack helped us making our sizzling summer bearable. We have reached the end of this series that has been played all summer long! Tomorrow we should start with cooler ideas! Enjoy!