Not ‘Bad’

Today, 30 years ago, it was released the seventh studio album by Michael Jackson: ‘Bad’. It was five years later than ‘Thriller’ (the world’s best-selling album) and cemented Jackson’s status as one of the most successful artists of the 80s. I might say, that I am not the greatest fan of Michael Jackson, (in fact […]

Born and dead

Sterling Morrison (Velvet Underground) was born and dead around these days (29/08/1942- 30/08/1995). Here is a song in honur of this great guitarist. Enjoy!


Here is our recomendation for today: the first single of the new (second) album by Tuxedo, a ‘spin-off band’ of Arizona Baby, both from Valladolid (Spain), cradle of very good wines, and music too! Enjoy!

Worst moment

I think that the worst part of the week could be Sunday evening, or maybe Monday morning; and one of the worst Sunday evening of the year is that when you are coming back to work after a great holidays.  Here is my song for such moment (with two versions). Enjoy!

Alternative lifestyle

Today, 40 years ago, the famous sentence ‘Sex and drugs and Rock & Roll’ was ‘invented’, since the song with such title was released on 26 August 1977 by Ian Dury (then Ian Dury and The Blockheads) as a Stiff Records single.  The song appeared in the height of popularity of punk, so it was […]