White Covers (VI)

Some of my friends think that the next song is the best cover of the album that we are honoured on its 50th anniversary; I think that at least should be among the top ten 😉 Enjoy! Here is the original track: And as an extra, a darker version of the same song: You know […]

The Joshua Tree

Today, 31 years from the release of the fifth studio album by U2, The Joshua Tree. It build up many and diverse achievements and milestones. Among its song three very famous singles. Enjoy!!

Serial proposer (VII)

Today, a proposal that arrived directly from Dublin! A song covering a classic theme by the most famous Irish band. The song appeared in a couple of series: ‘Downtown Abbey’ and ‘Rebellion‘.  Enjoy! The proposer prefers another song by the same group, but in this case it was included in a film (‘The social network’), […]

Mothers of the disappeared

Today, 40 years ago, 14 women that have lost their songs,daughters ,(and then even their grandchildren) during the first years of the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, walked for the first time around the ‘Plaza de Mayo’ (Buenos Aires, Argentina) wearing a white kerchief on their heads. It was the first of many many times […]

you too!

A few days ago I heard that the renowned Irish band U2 was planning to give a concert tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their famous record “The Joshua Tree”. This fact has reminded me of other great bands that are closer geographically, that last year did the same.  😉 Anyway, most of the times […]