and The Vandellas

Today in 1941 was born Martha Reeves, R&B and pop singer, former politician. Here is a song by Martha and The Vandellas so appropriate for these summer days! Enjoy! And an odd cover of the same song by The Who!

The Ox

Today, 15 years ago John Entwistle, the great bassist, was found dead. Here are a couple of songs written by Entwistle and that were often played during live performances by The Who. ‘Boris the Spider’ is claimed to be Entwistle first composition.  Because of excesive live performances John wrote ‘The Quite One’ to replace ‘My […]

Moon the loon

During these days, in 2012, it was reported that the organizers for the London 2012 ceremony had recently asked the manager of The Who if the famous drummer Keith Moon would be able to perform at the forthcoming Olympic Games. Bill Curbishley, The Who Manager, tried to answered professionally: he emailed back saying K. Moon […]

Blue Plaque

Today in 1970 The Who appeared at Leeds University and recorded the concert resulting in the ‘Live at Leeds’ album. Since its initial reception, it has been cited by several musical critics as one of the best live rock recording of all time.  Here are some songs pieces from this concert. It’s supposed to be […]