The last time! (II)

Let’s continue with the ‘take home message’ that I started to shared a couple of days ago. I am afraid that ‘time is (not) on our side’, so enjoy it as it could be the last time! Here is the most famous theme from yesterday’s original song. Enjoy! Anuncios

12×5 (II)

Some people have asked me for an encore of yesterday’s post.  Here it is! Enjoy! And here is the original song covered by The Rolling Stones. Enjoy!


Today in 1964 it was released their second album in the US by the Rolling Stones. Most of the songs are covers of rhythm and blues hits, but there are three songs written by Jagger and Richards, and two songs signed by the pseudonym Nanker Phelge. It was originally an EP of five songs (5×5), […]

Spanish Stones (II)

Another reason that connect ‘Los Salvajes’ with The Rolling Stones. Probably this is one of my favourite songs by the band from Barcelona. Enjoy! And the original song:

Spanish Stones

A year ago, we were talking about the first gig of The Rolling Stones; today, once again, we are celebrating this anniversary. This issue give me a great excuse to introduce a spanish band from the sixties that I like so much; in fact they were known sometimes as the spanish Rolling Stones.  I think […]


Today in 1978 it was released the single “Because the night” by Patti Smith Group. Written by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith (they were recording their own album in adjoining rooms at the same studio and with the same engineer/producer Jimmy lovine), it helped propel sales of ‘Easter’ to “mainstream success”.   By the way, […]

Chuck by friends (IV)

Of course we can not forget Chuck Berry’s songs covered by The Rolling Stones; I have counted 13 versions included on regular albums in this list. We have selected a couple of them. in the opinion of a non-RollingStones expert (me), they are the most famous ones. Enjoy! I could not resist including this video […]