Today many many people are traveling to have the opportunity to enjoy some holidays. Most of them are trying to figure out how to avoid traffic jams and bottleneck. Difficult to guess the right time frame! Here is a nice song for the road! Enjoy!

Chameleon week (VI)

Today, from The Yardbirds to The Pretty Things, another band from the UK that Bowie selected to include two songs in his album ‘Pin-ups’ too. The Pretty Things authored the first rock-opera of the story (S.F. Sorrow, 1968), however the songs covered by David Bowie came from his previous R&B period. Enjoy!

Rolling stones’ cousins

Today I would like to share a song by a british band that «enjoys»a certain lack of recognition but cultivating a passionate cult at the same time. They are responsible for the first rock opera (S F Sorrow, December 1968) preceding the release of The Who’s Tommy in May 1969; we will share a song […]