Connected by Juno

Today in 1947, Dave Davies (The Kinks, and brother of Ray Davies) was born; nine years later, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) was born in Glen Cove (New York, US); however three years later on a tragic day and a fatal crash plane Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Booper were died. There is a […]

Chameleon week (III)

Today, two years ago David Bowie left us. Today there have been thousands of tributes of many different kinds. We are doing ours creating a week (since it includes other anniversaries) dedicated to the great ‘Chameleon’ , where we are listening again to many different songs from the same album (Pin Ups; next year we […]

When I get older… (II)

Here is the second song that will be 40 years old (so do I!) during 2018 (the song and/or the record to which it belongs). A song by The Jam covering an original theme by The Kinks (1967). The Jam included it on their third studio album ‘All Mod cons’. Enjoy!!

Father Christmas

Today I have been notice that this year I am not sharing Christmas songs as I did last years; in fact last year I played a large bunch of them.  So I decide to play one today. It is a song by the Kinks, but it is outside from my favourite period by this English […]

Lo-lo-lo lola

Today, a few releases to celebrate: 1967,The Beatles released ‘Magical mistery tour’ as a LP in the US (the album would be released in the UK as an EP; for the US version several singles from 1967 were added to conform the LP). 1970, ‘All things must pass’ was released by George Harrison: his first […]


Today we are starting a new series of posts; the keyword for all would be ‘fly’; not flying in a plane or in a helicopter; it is more like ‘flying’ to achieve your goals; a way of being positive; try not to feel fear and try to get everything you want in your life; so […]