Héroe del celuloide

Buenos días excursionistas, Me he despertado hoy con la triste noticia de la muerte de Christopher Plummer, actor canadiense, de mis actores secundarios preferidos, y por lo que obtuvo numerosos premios. Hoy en casi todos los medios lo recordaban por su papel en «Sonrisas y Lágrimas» (aquí no como secundario), pero no olvidemos otras muchas […]

Anuncio publicitario

A well respected man

Let’s say ‘happy birthday’ to Mr. Ray Davies (The Kinks) who was born today in 1944. His ironic and original way of writing made of him one of the best british artists from the sixties. Despite next song was written by Ray (for the Animals), his brother Dave was the lead singer. Of course ‘they […]

Kinda Kinks

Today in 1965 it was released the second album by English rock band The Kinks. Recorded and released in two weeks after the end of a tour through Asia. Ray Davis and the rest of the band were not satisfied with the final production: ‘A bit more care should have been taken with it…’ Davis […]

Connected by Juno

Today in 1947, Dave Davies (The Kinks, and brother of Ray Davies) was born; nine years later, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) was born in Glen Cove (New York, US); however three years later on a tragic day and a fatal crash plane Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Booper were died. There is a […]

Chameleon week (III)

Today, two years ago David Bowie left us. Today there have been thousands of tributes of many different kinds. We are doing ours creating a week (since it includes other anniversaries) dedicated to the great ‘Chameleon’ , where we are listening again to many different songs from the same album (Pin Ups; next year we […]

When I get older… (II)

Here is the second song that will be 40 years old (so do I!) during 2018 (the song and/or the record to which it belongs). A song by The Jam covering an original theme by The Kinks (1967). The Jam included it on their third studio album ‘All Mod cons’. Enjoy!!

Father Christmas

Today I have been notice that this year I am not sharing Christmas songs as I did last years; in fact last year I played a large bunch of them.  So I decide to play one today. It is a song by the Kinks, but it is outside from my favourite period by this English […]

Lo-lo-lo lola

Today, a few releases to celebrate: 1967,The Beatles released ‘Magical mistery tour’ as a LP in the US (the album would be released in the UK as an EP; for the US version several singles from 1967 were added to conform the LP). 1970, ‘All things must pass’ was released by George Harrison: his first […]


Today we are starting a new series of posts; the keyword for all would be ‘fly’; not flying in a plane or in a helicopter; it is more like ‘flying’ to achieve your goals; a way of being positive; try not to feel fear and try to get everything you want in your life; so […]