Birthdays: 40 (V)

In one corner (yesterday) The Clash, and in the other corner of the quadrilateral, the band commanded by The Modfather, The Jam! And from their fourth record (‘Setting Sons’):

When I get older… (II)

Here is the second song that will be 40 years old (so do I!) during 2018 (the song and/or the record to which it belongs). A song by The Jam covering an original theme by The Kinks (1967). The Jam included it on their third studio album ‘All Mod cons’. Enjoy!!


Happy birthday Mr Paul Weller, always great with The Jam, then with The Style Council, and finally alone. Always great! Happy birthday Mr. Modfather! Here is a song from his first album. Enjoy!

many ephemeris

In 1966, 28 October, two essential records were released: «Fresh Cream» (first record of the supergroup composed of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce) and «Face to face» by the Kinks. This record, regarded by critics as rock’s first concept album, catapulted them to international acclaim. In the other, in 1982 The Jam announced […]

Anuncio publicitario

Turning point: 50 years

We are celebrating that 50 years ago was released the seventh studio record by The Beatles (Revolver). It was a turning point on Beatles history, music history, the techniques used during album recording, etc. Rivers of ink have flowed about this album. Here it is our modest tribute. Enjoy! (Sorry, but no original version by […]