too young to die

Yesterday we talked about Sergio Algora (from ‘El niño gusano’ and ‘La Costa Brava’) who left us too early (he was 39). Yesterday I should talk about another loss too; this one a bit more personal: 17 years ago I left a part of me irreplaceable, even being standoffish toward each other during the former […]

absent friends

Our job is not supposed to be everything in our lives. But at the end it is. Our work is supposed to be pleasant, but rarely is. If work was pleasant, we wouldn’t call it “work”, but rather carousel, party, beer with friends, etc., and we wouldn’t get paid for doing it. In the end our job […]

A well respected man

Yesterday I heard about the forthcoming album of The Divine Comedy; here is a song taken from this album in line with their elegant and smart style. Enjoy! By the way, some people has asked me about the title from the last two posts (1 & 2): here is the reason why. Enjoy!