Birthdays: 40

Let’s start a quick trip through the albums that are turning 40 years during 2019, as we have already done with the records released during 1969. Today we are going to share a couple of songs from the debut album (‘Three imaginary boys’) of the British band ‘The Cure’. It was re-edited in the US […]

Sentimental Education (IV)

We started this tiny section playing an original song by The Cure covered by Luna. After another two versions of The Cure by other bands, today we ‘pause’ this section sharing a classic song released by Robert Smith’s band and covered by half of the members of Luna. So we have moved from ‘moon’ to […]

Sentimental Education (II)

Yesterday we shared a song from the new record by Luna. This song was a cover of ‘Fire in Cairo’ (The Cure). This album and song bring to my mind another record (an E.P. in this case) that also include a version of an original song by The Cure: ‘Boys don’t cry’, covered in Spanish […]

Sentimental Education

Let’s enjoy a band that is also releasing new album these days (in this case the first record after 13 years): Luna is coming back with an album (‘A sentimental education’) full of covers of famous artists and bands, but not the most famous songs from them. Thanks for such opportunity of education. Enjoy!

Three imaginary boys…

We are talking about three imaginary boys and about an imaginary girl today: James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) was born today in 1947; today in 1959 was also born Robert Smith (The Cure); and today in 2003 and 2016 were died Nina Simone and Prince respectively.  Enjoy!!

Odd swim

On Wednesday, my daughter asked about the song of that entry: why there were some musicians singing and playing music while getting drenched in the sea, and even more surprising (!!!), wearing casual clothes and no swimsuits or any clothes specially designed for that purpose. This question reminded me the next song, in which Robert […]