La semana temática I: trenes (IV)

Buenas noches excursionistas, Para la cuarta entrega de nuestra primera semana temática hemos reservado la pista oculta del London Calling: Train in Vain, cuyo nombre es también un misterio al no haber referencia alguna a ninguna de las dos palabras en su letra. Enjoy!

Birthdays: 40 (IV)

Yes! The iconic ‘London Calling’ by the Clash will celebrate its 40th anniversary during 2019. I found this live video that included three themes of this album. I’ve never seen a performance of ‘London Calling’ like this one. Enjoy!

No matter

A couple of songs to illustrate some ephemeris of the last two days (probably you will be able to guess these ephemeris). Sorry, yesterday I was not able to share any theme. Anyway, nothing happened: I have received no complaint, no reminder… Both songs have protagonists that shared the same scene (a nice city), but […]

Anuncio publicitario


Many birthdays today, therefore many songs too. Enjoy! Enjoy! And enjoy! – Gilberto Gil (1942) – Georgie Fame (1943) – Mick Iones (1953; The Clash, etc.) – Chris Isaak (1956) – José Ignacio Lapido (1962; 091 and Lapido) – Colin Greenwood (1969; Radiohead) – etc. Happy birthday to everybody!

Spanish bombs

80 years from bombing of Guernica (26 April 1937) during the Spanish Civil War. War is full of barbaric actions and atrocities. Even that, Guernica bombing was particularly brutal, since it led to the death of many innocent people, and because the small town was not defended by any aircraft and did not have any […]