Monterey (III)

We could have finished these posts dedicated to the Monterey International Pop Music Festival playing any song by Janis Joplin, or the full performance by The Who, but I have prefered share a diferent point of view of yesterday’s song. Enjoy! Anuncios

Their Back Pages

I’ve been thinking until the last moment about which issue we should commemorate with today’s song. Finally the married (1992) between Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Courtney Love (Hole) has been postponed until other year. Today in 1973, the last concert of The Byrds took place in the Capitol Theatre (Paissac, New Yersey). That was the […]

Fifth Dimension

Happy birthday Mr. McGuinn! The title of this song was supposed to be related to the altitude during the comercial flight to London, but other people, joined it to the use of drugs (“to be high”), so it was forbidden to be play on some radio stations. Here is the result of adding Ravi Shankar […]

Oh! But if you can even dance with them!

According to some music experts, Bob Dylan was invited to listen to a band practice of today´s group. They played “Mr. Tambourine Man” and some other of his songs arranged by McGuinn and Dylan hardly recognized them. When it was revealed he muttered: “Oh! but if you can even dance with them!” . It is […]