The end of the world

Half of the ‘world’ is on the lookout for this event: After 90 minutes one of the teams and its followers will sing: The rest would sing: Or maybe:(depends on their liking) Enjoy! Anuncios


Today, in 1934, it was born Robert Moog. He was the creator of Moog synthesizers. The first was built in 1963. Let’s enjoy some examples of songs using these innovative instruments! And so on…

BBC against drugs

Today, in 1967, The Beatles new album those days, had a special preview on the BBC ( ‘where is at’ program) playing every track from the record except ‘A day in the Life’, that had been banned by the BBC saying it could promote drug taking.


Today in 1963 was born Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell. Since his birth was kept as a secret, he grew up far from media. Several songs by The Beatles are related to this musician: Hey Jude (previously shared), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (a drawing by Julian inspired the song), […]

Leaving a track (II)

I realize that I haven’t completed those thoughts that I started to share a few days ago about leaving a track. They are still too disorganised but if I wait more time they will be even more disorganised. This is the song that should illustrate that post: ‘And in the end, the love you take, […]

Fifth Beatle

Today, two years ago, the great George Martin was dead when he was 90. He is well known because of his work with The Beatles, but his responsible of many other productions, soundtracks, etc. Here is a song written and sung by Paul McCartney for the original soundtrack of the James Bond film Live and […]

More famous

Today in 1966 it was released an interview with John Lennon where he said that ‘The Beatles were more famous than Jesus’. When these words reach the US, some fundamentalist groups started a campaign against him and The Beatles burning their records publicly.