Toys for Tots (IV)

Let’s finish this short series with some songs by The Beatles that are included in lists about kids and music, but which are not related with children and toys. Probably the most ‘child-friendly’ Beatles’ song is ‘All together now’. Other lists are leaded by ‘ob-la-di, ob-la-da’, ‘Rocky Racoon’ (that is a kind of tale), and […]

Lo-lo-lo lola

Today, a few releases to celebrate: 1967,The Beatles released ‘Magical mistery tour’ as a LP in the US (the album would be released in the UK as an EP; for the US version several singles from 1967 were added to conform the LP). 1970, ‘All things must pass’ was released by George Harrison: his first […]

Strawberry fields forever

Today, in 1966, The Beatles got together for the first time after returning from their summer tour of the United States, ready for the record of a new album. They started recording ‘Strawberry fields forever’. Enjoy!

Only you! (II)

Only one person in the world will understand why I share this song today (once again, a year later). Happy birthday! And thank you for being you! And a song that would fits well on 24 years. Enjoy!

First marriage

Who was born today? Rita Pavone (1945), Keith Moon (1946; The Who), Edwyn Collins (1959; Orange Juice), Julian Casablancas (1978; The Strokes), etc. Difficult to choose one of them to select a song a share it. However, today in 1962 John Lennon and Cynthia Powell got married when she was pregnant of Julian Lennon. The […]