Get back!

Paul McCartney, today, almost 49 years later, has crossed Abbey Road. He is promoting his new album that will be released in September. Here is a clip showing that momment: And here are some pictures from the 10 minutes session on 9th August 1969: I have selected to illustrate this event a song that doesn’t […]


Today, 50 years ago, The Beatles started recording at Abbey Road studios “Sexy Sadie”. The song, written by John Lennon, was originally entitled ‘Maharishi’ in reference to Lennon’s disenchatment with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yoko Ono pointed some connection with the lyrics of a theme by Smokey Robinson (‘I’ve been good to you’): look what you’ve […]

When John met Paul

Today, in 1957 during a performance of The Quarrymen, John Lennon’s band, Jonh met Paul McCartney; seven years later, the first film starred in by The Beatles, ‘A hard day’s night’, was released. The movie directed by Richard Lester, with a great soundtrack by Lennon-McCartney, was another point of Beatlemania story. A great story! Enjoy!

The end of the world

Half of the ‘world’ is on the lookout for this event: After 90 minutes one of the teams and its followers will sing: The rest would sing: Or maybe:(depends on their liking) Enjoy!


Today, in 1934, it was born Robert Moog. He was the creator of Moog synthesizers. The first was built in 1963. Let’s enjoy some examples of songs using these innovative instruments! And so on…