A saint pretext

I found today’s justification in the calendar of saint’s days…, and still connected with yesterday’s post… Just a excuse to post this cover by The Who, and the original theme by The Beach Boys Enjoy!

Where were you in…?(and XX)

…and in such way, day after day, song after song, American Graffiti soundtrack helped us making our sizzling summer bearable. We have reached the end of this series that has been played all summer long! Tomorrow we should start with cooler ideas! Enjoy!

Wouldn’t it be nice

Ten years ago it was released «The Beach Boys: U.S. Singles Collection – The Capitol Years (1962-1965)», a 16CD box that includes all the singles released for Capitol by The Beach Boys between 1962 and 1965.

Carol I know

Today, in 1966, Brian Wilson released ‘Caroline No’ the first solo single by a ‘Beach Boy’. Two months later Wilson’s recording re-appeared as the final track on The Beach Boys’ studio album ‘Pet Sounds’. The single was released just two weeks before The Beach Boys’ ‘Sloop John B’. Enjoy!

Anuncio publicitario

Toys for Tots (III)

I hope that the Three Wise Men have granted all your wishes! Of any kind! Toys for tots …  Here is another man with all the toys! Though I prefer Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar rather than Santa, as I do for ‘jamón serrano’, dogs, or The Beatles, rather than cheese, cats, or Stones, here is […]