Bye bye Valentine

Buenos días excursionistas, Mi semana ha empezado con una mala noticia (aunque me ha llegado con unos días de retraso): el pasado 29 de enero fallecía Hilton Valentine, el guitarrista de los Animals. Valentine fue miembro de la primera alineación de la banda, luego Eric Burdon los transformaría en un grupo más cercano al rock […]

Worst moment

I think that the worst part of the week could be Sunday evening, or maybe Monday morning; and one of the worst Sunday evening of the year is that when you are coming back to work after a great holidays.  Here is my song for such moment (with two versions). Enjoy!

on the top of the mountain

Today I have come back to my origins; I have walked back through my steps; I have walked following the streams, trying to find where are they coming from; and I got it: I found the origin of the water that I drank when I was a child; then I continued walking high and high […]