Birthdays: 20 (IV)

The fourth record that we are including in this glimpse of albums released in 1999 is ‘Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the milky night’ by the post-rock British band ‘Stereolab’. It didn’t get all the positive opinions as their previous records, but in our opinion the rythms of free -jazz and bossanova make […]

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Lab on stereo (III)

Today I am posting the ideas and issues I would have liked to post two days ago; even now that they are a bit disorganized, or even ‘diluted’ due to the time already gone, I’ll try to list them. I shared during the last two days a couple of songs by Stereolab; why? Because my […]

Lab on stereo

I hope this song will be useful as an introduction for tomorrow’s post. I should write it today, but I am exhausted. Sorry about that. On the other hand, it give us the opportunity to share two songs about the same issue. Good night! See you tomorrow! Enjoy!