Bulls on Parade

Today we must say happy birthday to Andy Fletcher (1961, Depeche Mode), Beck (1970) and Jamie Cook (1985, Artic Monkeys), but I am seeing a lot of bulls running … here are a couple of songs about bulls (though they are really about other topics). Enjoy!

March for our lives

Nice to see the response and organization of young survivors of one of the last massacres at a high school in the US. Even former president B. Obama has supported these teenagers fighting for gun control. They have moved crowds across the US. Enjoy! (It doesn’t fit perfectly, but you can understand)

Anuncio publicitario

Connected by Juno

Today in 1947, Dave Davies (The Kinks, and brother of Ray Davies) was born; nine years later, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) was born in Glen Cove (New York, US); however three years later on a tragic day and a fatal crash plane Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Booper were died. There is a […]

Pretty flamingo

This is a brief digression in the «collection» of Christmas songs we were sharing last days. A brief digression in memory of a great «cantaor» that loved to be close to rock musicians, and that broke the rules of a classic music style so many times. He was dead six years ago. Last weeks we have been […]


Today I am supposed to post my blog entry number 69, so here are a few songs with this number on its title. Really easy to guess, so other proposals are welcome!!! Enjoy!   Here is an interesting post about this song featured by Lydia Lunch. And one more!