Where were you in…?(and XX)

…and in such way, day after day, song after song, American Graffiti soundtrack helped us making our sizzling summer bearable. We have reached the end of this series that has been played all summer long! Tomorrow we should start with cooler ideas! Enjoy! Anuncios

Queen of soul

I can not avoid stopping our vacation series to tribute the Queen, Lady (and probably mother) of soul who has left us today, after a long fight against cancer. We will miss you! Your legendary voice will stay with us! Today, I will say a little prayer for you!

That’ll be the day

I told you that this site will be enjoying a kind of vacation during the next few weeks. Anyway, here is your daily music pill to bear this suffocating day: a song from the selected soundtrack, most of them so summery, but where we can also find songs that perfectly fit our daily experience. Since […]