Stop in the name of love

Let’s refresh this great hit by The Supremes released today in 1995. The choreography for this song (with one hand on the hip and the other showing a ‘stop’ gesture) is legendary and it was taught by Paul Williams and Melvin Franklin from The Temptations just before the first television performance of the single on […]

Amazing journey!

I know I already shared this song in the past, however is the song that better explain how I feel I nos, a few hours before starting a business trip to Canada! The temperature is going to be a bit lower of that I am used to… The starship is about to take off!!! Enjoy!

Ten years after…

I have my own ephemeris (as you would probably have yours). Today, ten years ago, I defended my PhD-thesis. The highest point after a lot of years of hard (and precarious) work. Today, five years ago, I started working at the lab where I will go tomorrow again. So a couple of facts that change […]

The last time! (II)

Let’s continue with the ‘take home message’ that I started to shared a couple of days ago. I am afraid that ‘time is (not) on our side’, so enjoy it as it could be the last time! Here is the most famous theme from yesterday’s original song. Enjoy!

Toys for Tots (IV)

Let’s finish this short series with some songs by The Beatles that are included in lists about kids and music, but which are not related with children and toys. Probably the most ‘child-friendly’ Beatles’ song is ‘All together now’. Other lists are leaded by ‘ob-la-di, ob-la-da’, ‘Rocky Racoon’ (that is a kind of tale), and […]