A saint pretext

I found today’s justification in the calendar of saint’s days…, and still connected with yesterday’s post… Just a excuse to post this cover by The Who, and the original theme by The Beach Boys Enjoy! Anuncios

My generation

I have realized that I haven’t shared (probably) the most famous song by The Who in these two years and a half that I have been bombarding you everyday with at least one song. I have already mentioned that today in 1965 it was released the debut album of this great band (this date is […]

A white encore

Why not an encore to the 50th birthday of the ‘White album’? Let’s do it to say goodnight! Enjoy! And one of the early takes included in the triple record released to celebrate this anniversary

Two virgins

Today 50 years ago, it was released the first avant-garde record by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (‘Unfinished music no.1: Two virgins’) probably better known due its controversial cover where both artists were naked. The album was recorded during a night and included conversations, sounds, noises, loops… but almost no songs. Here is a bonus […]


Today, in 1965, the Fab four went to Buckingham Palace to receive their Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) medals from Queen Elizabeth II. John Lennon would later say that they were so nervous at the idea of the meeting with the Queen that they went into the bathroom and […]