A simple desultory philippic

Today is one of these days with no inspiration, and too tired to think in my daily post. So I am going to share a song that has been in my mind for the last few weeks. At least is a bit different from most of the best known songs by Simon & Garfunkel. It […]


Today, in 1934, it was born Robert Moog. He was the creator of Moog synthesizers. The first was built in 1963. Let’s enjoy some examples of songs using these innovative instruments! And so on…


I can not believe that 50 years later we still are ‘enjoying’ the same proandblem but painted on a different colour. As you know, today, April 6th, in 1no968, Masiel sang a song named ‘Lalala’ , and wan Eurovision song contest. This song, however was not finally sung by Joan Manuel Serrat, who pretended to […]