La hora del puente sobre aguas turbulentas (las 22h.)… Aún medio llorando digamos… Eduardo continuó corriendo, sin ninguna dirección enprincipio, sin aparente sentido en su inicio, aunque al parecer la mente de “nuestro héroe”discurría por una lógica diferente y lo condujo atravesando una avenida tras otra, una plazadespués de un cruce, un callejón tras una […]

A simple desultory philippic

Today is one of these days with no inspiration, and too tired to think in my daily post. So I am going to share a song that has been in my mind for the last few weeks. At least is a bit different from most of the best known songs by Simon & Garfunkel. It […]


Today, in 1934, it was born Robert Moog. He was the creator of Moog synthesizers. The first was built in 1963. Let’s enjoy some examples of songs using these innovative instruments! And so on…


I can not believe that 50 years later we still are ‘enjoying’ the same proandblem but painted on a different colour. As you know, today, April 6th, in 1no968, Masiel sang a song named ‘Lalala’ , and wan Eurovision song contest. This song, however was not finally sung by Joan Manuel Serrat, who pretended to […]