Feliz 2021!

Feliz año excursionistas! Demos la bienvenida al nuevo año con un poco de música: una versión del clásico de U2 «New Year’s Day» a cargo de los mallorquines Sexy Sadie. Enjoy!

White Covers (III)

Today we are going to add another tribute to the celebration of Beatles’ ‘White album’ 50th anniversary. We are going to play a song by a spanish band that is celebrating the 20th birthday of its probably most famous album (‘It’s beautiful, It’s love’ – Sexy Sadie), by playing it completely this evening in a […]


Today, 50 years ago, The Beatles started recording at Abbey Road studios «Sexy Sadie». The song, written by John Lennon, was originally entitled ‘Maharishi’ in reference to Lennon’s disenchatment with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yoko Ono pointed some connection with the lyrics of a theme by Smokey Robinson (‘I’ve been good to you’): look what you’ve […]