Birthdays: 30 (III)

In 1989 it was released one of my two Pixies’ favourite records: ‘Doolittle’. Great success, inspiration for many other artists…; its clear sound contrasted with the lyrics about violence, death, torture… Enjoy!

Alzheimer (II)

I was thinking again the illness that got the international focus yesterday I have thought in one song that didn’t appear in any list about the illness, however the main question in the song could be a good headline and question when suffering or discovering that illness. Anyway, at least we are paying some extra […]

heat wave and so on (V)

Let’s finish this collection of covers of my reinterpretation of heatwaves playing a version by a descendant of the original song, but at the same time by  in some way the ‘father of the creature’ (that in the second video seems to start playing in the street at some point during a walk). Enjoy!!

heat wave and so on

I don’t know why there is a connection in my mind between a heat wave (that we have shared yesterday and the day before) and the famous hit by The Pixies ‘Wave of mutilation’. Let’s play a version a bit calmer, just in case… Enjoy!

two sides of the same coin

I heard a few days ago the second song that we are going to share today, and it reminded me the next song, since the former it is a cover from the first song we play today. So here it is a song by the Yardbirds (great band where some great artists such as Eric […]