Today, twenty years ago, Linda McCartney left us due to breast cancer. She was a great photographer, and a defender of animal rights; she is also known by her vegetarian recipes and for being part of Wings (Paul McCartney’s band after The Beatles break up). Here are a couple of songs by Paul as a […]

Fifth Beatle

Today, two years ago, the great George Martin was dead when he was 90. He is well known because of his work with The Beatles, but his responsible of many other productions, soundtracks, etc. Here is a song written and sung by Paul McCartney for the original soundtrack of the James Bond film Live and […]

We are the world…

Today I would like to bring your attention to an initiative launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney that has been running for several years: Meat free Monday. It is a campaign that invites you to try to skip meat for one day a week, with obvious positive effects on your health, but on our […]