Worst moment

I think that the worst part of the week could be Sunday evening, or maybe Monday morning; and one of the worst Sunday evening of the year is that when you are coming back to work after a great holidays.  Here is my song for such moment (with two versions). Enjoy!

Three imaginary boys…

We are talking about three imaginary boys and about an imaginary girl today: James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) was born today in 1947; today in 1959 was also born Robert Smith (The Cure); and today in 2003 and 2016 were died Nina Simone and Prince respectively.  Enjoy!!


In memorian of the universal Canadian and probably a bit “Granadian” who has left us. The small part of his universe that I have been able to know is simply great. Luckily, as he pointed out some time ago, simply “Im ready” (even greater if it is possible). Here is a fantastic cover, why not?