Yesterday we referred to Fela Kuti he would have been 80 years old yesterday; today Nico (Christa Päffgen) would have turned 80 years old too. Let’s tribute her by a song from the first album of the Velvet Underground where she had a marked participation. Enjoy!

Football excuse

In 1905, around these days the well-known Chelsea Football Club was found. This issue has given me the excuse (even without liking football or soccer…) to share some songs… you can select those that you like! Enjoy!  

Early in the morning

It’s Sunday, early in the morning (6am), so today’s song: Sunday morning. Enjoy! By the way, I really want to congratulate Angel Carmona, Gustavo Iglesias et al. for their great last Friday radio show (#HETsounds) celebrating the 50th anniversary of «Pet Sounds» record release  (Beach Boys, May 16th 1966). Good job!  

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