Crazy star

Unfortunately, yesterday I was not able to fulfill my commitment of share (at least) one song a day; (you know, just to keep the doctor away. However, I haven’t received any request, criticism, or reminder 😦 Today I’ll try to compensate this fault. First with a song that illustrate perfectly one of the motors of […]

Anuncio publicitario


Today, the last single by Neuman, dedicated to the most famous and internationally known beer from my hometown. Maybe you are thinking that I am doing some free publicity, but it just music. Enjoy! By the way this is not the first song dedicated to the ‘milnov’. My brother wrote a theme more than […]


I told you many times that this site doesn’t pretend to share the most ‘up-to-date’ songs; mainly because since 5 to ten years ago I have no extra time to follow and study every new artist or band that somehow reach me (neither a few of these): science and paternity are two time consuming activities […]