Cherries (V)

Let’s continue with our list of chaining songs. Today with a bitter feeling in mind. Enjoy the cover of the original song by ‘The Wave Pictures’! Anuncios


Today in 2006 it was released the album ‘El tiempo de las cerezas’ by Nacho Vegas and Enrique Bunbury, or Enrique Bunbury and Nacho Vegas. It was an odd (and interesting) record since showed the ex- Manta Ray to a new audience, and gave the opportunity to Bunbury to reach a register a bit different […]

Protest song returns

A few songs to remember and illustrate that 6 years ago something was changing, and ‘el movimiento 15M’ took its first steps. I have left other songs that could also illustrate this issue, such as ‘The times they are a changin’ ‘ (Bob Dylan), ‘Children of the Revolution’ (T. Rex), ‘Revolution Rock’ (The Clash), ‘Get […]

Brief digression

Let´s make a brief digression in the collection of summertime songs that we have been sharing during the last 10 days. 5th August is a day in which mountaineers remember that mountains behind its be beauty and majesty involve danger, they are beings who must keep them respect, and that generation after generation has annelated […]