Sing street

This afternoon I nearly managed to watch a whole film; at the end I haven’t been able, however I have spent an entertaining little while with the film where one of the protagonists said about a song (sorry, I can’t remember the exact words): ‘your song has made me crying, but in a good way’. […]

Scorsese playlist (II)

I forgot yesterday to tell that I was going only to focus on those pop, rock songs selected from Scorsese soundtracks. So here again. Today a song from ‘Taxi Driver’, perfect for a Saturday night. Enjoy!

Scorsese playlist

Today, Martin Scorsese (and other award-winning) are collecting an award from the spanish princess. Scorsese, besides being a great film director, makes a really good selection of songs for the soundtracks of his films. I think it’s a good idea to make a brief snapshot of these soundtracks, a kind of playlist. Let’s start with […]

Where were you in…?(and XX)

…and in such way, day after day, song after song, American Graffiti soundtrack helped us making our sizzling summer bearable. We have reached the end of this series that has been played all summer long! Tomorrow we should start with cooler ideas! Enjoy!