Hey Dude! (II)

Most song from ‘The Big Lebowski’s soundtrack’ are really matched up with specific characters of the film. A great example: this cover by The Gipsy Kings deeply connected to the odd bowler Jesús Quintana. Enjoy!

Hey Dude!

Twenty years from the release of the film ‘The Big Lebowski’; a movie that has become a cult classic, that got a great soundtrack that includes different genres of music from different times. Nice selection! Enjoy!

Rock manes

Today in 1972, Led Zeppelin cancelled a trip to Singapur because local authorities didn’t like Led Zeppelin’s manes. Long hairs have caused many problems during rock story. Enjoy!

Connected by Juno

Today in 1947, Dave Davies (The Kinks, and brother of Ray Davies) was born; nine years later, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) was born in Glen Cove (New York, US); however three years later on a tragic day and a fatal crash plane Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Booper were died. There is a […]


Today, 75 years ago it was premiered the film ‘Casablanca’ at the Hollywood Theater in New York City. It is easy to guess which song are we going to share today to celebrate the anniversary of this film that was not recorded at all at the Moroccan city… Enjoy!