Alcoholic Orchestra

La M.O.D.A. is also releasing (and presenting) a new album these days. (La M.O.D.A = La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol). Enjoy! By the way the tittle of the song fits well with today! Maybe I am fool, but there is something of Mumford & sons in La M.O.D.A. or vice versa. Anuncios

A tangent

Many ephemeris are conmemorated today. Some examples: Born today: Robert Fripp (1945; formed King Crimson in 1968); Krist Novoselic (1965; bassist with Nirvana); etc. Released today: ‘Pet Sounds’ (The Beach Boys, 1966); ‘Blonde on Blonde’ (Bob Dylan, 1966); ‘Live at Leeds’ (The Who, 1970); etc. Died today: Django Reinhardt (1955); Sammy Davis jr. (1990); Lola […]