A year ago the great guitarist Juan Carmona (known as Juan ‘Habichuela’) was dead. He belonged to a great flamenco dinasty that started with his grandfather (‘Habichuela el viejo’), then his father (José Carmona) and his brothers (Pepe ‘Habichuela’, Carlos y Luis Carmona). During his first years Juan ‘Habichuela’ played guitar for Gracia del Sacromonte […]

on the top of the mountain

Today I have come back to my origins; I have walked back through my steps; I have walked following the streams, trying to find where are they coming from; and I got it: I found the origin of the water that I drank when I was a child; then I continued walking high and high […]

Pretty flamingo

This is a brief digression in the “collection” of Christmas songs we were sharing last days. A brief digression in memory of a great “cantaor” that loved to be close to rock musicians, and that broke the rules of a classic music style so many times. He was dead six years ago. Last weeks we have been […]

más Flamencos… y pelícanos

I cannot help but share another song by Enrique Morente. Let´s continue today with a couple of songs that I discovered listening to one of the four radio shows that Jota (Los Planetas) led with the help of Gustavo Iglesias ( Radio 3 ) to present the latest album from his band at that time. A song […]