Agua para todos (y para todos los públicos)

Buenas noches excursionistas! me he enterado por ahí que hoy se conmemora el Día Internacional del Agua, este año con el foco puesto en «valoremos el agua»… ya sabéis bien escaso, y vital para nuestra subsistencia, (y la del resto de los seres vivos) y para nuestra salud! Pensando en el agua, me entró sed, […]

Anuncio publicitario

No matter

A couple of songs to illustrate some ephemeris of the last two days (probably you will be able to guess these ephemeris). Sorry, yesterday I was not able to share any theme. Anyway, nothing happened: I have received no complaint, no reminder… Both songs have protagonists that shared the same scene (a nice city), but […]


A year ago the great guitarist Juan Carmona (known as Juan ‘Habichuela’) was dead. He belonged to a great flamenco dinasty that started with his grandfather (‘Habichuela el viejo’), then his father (José Carmona) and his brothers (Pepe ‘Habichuela’, Carlos y Luis Carmona). During his first years Juan ‘Habichuela’ played guitar for Gracia del Sacromonte […]

on the top of the mountain

Today I have come back to my origins; I have walked back through my steps; I have walked following the streams, trying to find where are they coming from; and I got it: I found the origin of the water that I drank when I was a child; then I continued walking high and high […]

Pretty flamingo

This is a brief digression in the «collection» of Christmas songs we were sharing last days. A brief digression in memory of a great «cantaor» that loved to be close to rock musicians, and that broke the rules of a classic music style so many times. He was dead six years ago. Last weeks we have been […]

más Flamencos… y pelícanos

I cannot help but share another song by Enrique Morente. Let´s continue today with a couple of songs that I discovered listening to one of the four radio shows that Jota (Los Planetas) led with the help of Gustavo Iglesias ( Radio 3 ) to present the latest album from his band at that time. A song […]

Hoy flamencos… y pelícanos

Today´s song was in my list of songs to be part of the first post of this site; finally it will be shared on the second day of life of this blog. It belongs to Omega,  a flamenco -rock record based on texts by Lorca and Leonard Cohen songs recorded in 1996 by Enrique Morente […]