Sentimental Education (IV)

We started this tiny section playing an original song by The Cure covered by Luna. After another two versions of The Cure by other bands, today we ‘pause’ this section sharing a classic song released by Robert Smith’s band and covered by half of the members of Luna. So we have moved from ‘moon’ to […]

Anuncio publicitario

Sentimental Education

Let’s enjoy a band that is also releasing new album these days (in this case the first record after 13 years): Luna is coming back with an album (‘A sentimental education’) full of covers of famous artists and bands, but not the most famous songs from them. Thanks for such opportunity of education. Enjoy!

Fly (July 4)

Today, July 4, I am afraid I should take a brief break (or maybe not) of this week series (‘fly’) to share a song (by Galaxy 500, 1990) and nearly a cover (since it is played by Luna, that included former members of Galaxy 500, The Chills, etc) by two great bands from outer space […]

Not in this lifetime

A band of old rockers are visiting Spain these days, and are giving a concert this evening in Madrid at an important place and momment: just before the final closure of a historic Spanish soccer stadium. Many friends and colleagues of mine are so happy with this concert. However, since I am not a big […]