Alignment of stars

Guess the movie that I have had the opportunity to watch today during an alignment of stars that create a gap to go to the cinema. Unfortunately, during the film I haven’t found such alignment of stars. Enjoy!!

Star Wars

Today, the new episode (VIII) of Star Wars is being released in Spain (maybe somewhere else). I am a bit expectant; why just a bit and no anxious? Because, I am afraid that my personal level of infatuation to Star Wars series has been decreasing as the episodes I, II, III and VII (maybe less […]

Anuncio publicitario

Cherries (IV)

Let’s suming up ‘the way’ we have followed this week: we started the ‘time of cherries’, with two songs from this record by Bunbury and Nacho Vegas; next day we enjoyed a couple of ‘duets’ by these two singers with other artists: Bunbury and Quique González, and the next day we chained two more songs […]

Protest song returns

A few songs to remember and illustrate that 6 years ago something was changing, and ‘el movimiento 15M’ took its first steps. I have left other songs that could also illustrate this issue, such as ‘The times they are a changin’ ‘ (Bob Dylan), ‘Children of the Revolution’ (T. Rex), ‘Revolution Rock’ (The Clash), ‘Get […]

First anniversary, and The List!

Today, a year ago the first post of this blog was published. To celebrate this milestone (it could be seem easy to share at least a song a day, but some days it has been really hard) I have been thinking about the song to play today; in fact I have a short list that includes a few […]

Los chicos del coro

I really value the information that one of my old friends that still lives in my hometown has sent me; but he didn’t stop at that point: he has shared with me the first videos about the issue (having a look at the number of views that these videos have, it seems that they are a kind of […]

Personal and free cover

Today, this song is everywhere. Los Planetas (the spanish band from the very beautiful city of Granada) are releasing their new song, the second single of their upcoming new album, that is a personal cover of the song ‘Ready pa morir’ by Yung Beef (from Granada too). I am happy to share the new release […]