The year Cran Broke (XIV)

Now that we have arrived to Granada during our modest tribute to R on its 25th anniversary, let’s share a song by another emblematic band from the same town, but belonging to a subsequent generation. However, they didn’t release a record in 1993; they were releasing their first EP (Medusa EP). 25 years later their […]

The end of the world

Half of the ‘world’ is on the lookout for this event: After 90 minutes one of the teams and its followers will sing: The rest would sing: Or maybe:(depends on their liking) Enjoy!

Kent (II)

Since the kind of facts drawed in yesterday’s song are still common, maybe, it would be necessary to pay attention to the newest protest songs, if it exists, if not I think we should learn from the older versions. Who knows !

Local celebration

Today in my hometown it is celebrated a traditional party that I really miss. Mainly because it is a great opportunity to going out during the whole day and enjoy with friends of local food, and nice squares and corners of this city (I have to say that is really beautiful) that are decorate with […]

Alignment of stars

Guess the movie that I have had the opportunity to watch today during an alignment of stars that create a gap to go to the cinema. Unfortunately, during the film I haven’t found such alignment of stars. Enjoy!!

Star Wars

Today, the new episode (VIII) of Star Wars is being released in Spain (maybe somewhere else). I am a bit expectant; why just a bit and no anxious? Because, I am afraid that my personal level of infatuation to Star Wars series has been decreasing as the episodes I, II, III and VII (maybe less […]

Cherries (IV)

Let’s suming up ‘the way’ we have followed this week: we started the ‘time of cherries’, with two songs from this record by Bunbury and Nacho Vegas; next day we enjoyed a couple of ‘duets’ by these two singers with other artists: Bunbury and Quique González, and the next day we chained two more songs […]