La semana temática I: trenes

Buenos días excursionistas, aunque con un par de días de retraso voy a empezar «La Primera semana temática» en #onesongadayweb!! Y para el primer tema he elegido… LOS TRENES! y no, no es que me haya levantado poseído por Sheldon Cooper (aunque muchos lo penséis). Simplemente, es que el otro día en una revelación ( […]

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Lo-lo-lo lola (IV)

Let’s continue with another song that come to mind when I think about Los Brincos; on this ocassion it is a original theme by Los Brincos but covered by a compatriot band. We used to play it during Harpo Tomato rehearsals. I thought I learnt to play it listening to my band colleagues, and not […]

Lo-lo-lo lola (III)

Since we started to talked about (and listened to) Los Brincos, I will share a few songs during the next days that have been related to this band from my personal experience point of view. The first single (45rpm) I bought by Los Brincos included yesterday’s song, and in the other side (I don’t remember […]

Lo-lo-lo lola (II)

After the undefined Lola (1970) from The Kinks’ song we shared yesterday, a completely different Lola (1967) by Los Brincos. Always is a good momment to listen to a song by that beat band that wore capes. Enjoy!