Rock manes

Today in 1972, Led Zeppelin cancelled a trip to Singapur because local authorities didn’t like Led Zeppelin’s manes. Long hairs have caused many problems during rock story. Enjoy! Anuncios

Two issues better than one

Two issues to be included in the list of the day’s anniversaries, and two songs to celebrate them: First, today in 1967 it was recorded in NY ‘Brown eyed girl’, one of the most famous songs by Van Morrison and his first hit after the breakup of his former band ‘Them’. This song remained as […]

Walls, walls and more walls

I started this musical (and personal) project about 9 months ago. Unfortunately, during this time, we have had to talked about frontiers, walls, inmigrants, violence, etc. too many times. Once again, these days, due to some plans and prohibitions that emanate from the White House these issues are filling the headlines. We have selected for today […]

24h non stop

Stairway to heaven, one of the most famous songs by Led Zeppelin. One of the favourite songs for J. Page, but not for R. Plant. On January 23rd 1991, this song was played during 24 hours with no stop, in order to illustrate a musical format change to classic Rock of KLSK FM in Albuquerque […]

How I met your mother

NARRATOR (O.S.) Okay. You guys are old enough. I’m gonna tell you the story of how I met your mother. DAUGHTER Heard it. SON You told us already. NARRATOR (O.S.) Sure, you’ve heard the short version. But there’s a bigger story, and it’s important for you to hear it. SON Are we being punished for […]